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  • Lotus flower x5

    Ultra realistic black lotus flower temporary tattoo. Pouch containing 5 units

    3,90 €
  • Music note x5

    Music note ultra-realistic temporary tattoo. Drawing by Malt Pouch containing 5 units

    3,90 €
  • Tattoo Box The Essentials

    Pretty box containing 12 black trendy tattoos + 1 surprise and small cotton pads to put them. An ideal gift to offer or to please your friends! Attention concerning the delivery: - If you choose the supplement Mondial Relay or Colissimo, the Tattoo Box will be delivered to you already assembled in a package - If you choose the delivery method Ecopli or...

    10,00 €
  • Peonia

    Ultra-realistic floral and geometric temporary tattoos designed by Livia Caruso Exclusive drawings by the artist Livia Caruso Find on this product more than fifteen pieces of different sizes to cut out. The fineness of the lines and the work of the artist on the gradations of gray will give you a result more real than life!

    12,90 €
  • Gaïa

    Set of temporary tattoos with floral and oriental designs Designed by Jen. Discover this magnificent set made up of about fifteen pieces of different sizes to be cut out. This composition accessorizes all outfits with its fine and delicate lines. Find on this set  floral and oriental patterns and also little words such as "Trust" and "Freedom".

    12,90 €
  • La Fée Fleurs

    Temporary floral tattoo set in a very fine style for an ultra-realistic result. The drawings are signed by La fée fleurs, a French tattoo artist who specializes in the floral world and is known for her very delicate lines.

    12,90 €
  • True Love

    Assortment of floral temporary tattoos and small butterflies. Set designed by Estelle Gautier. Come to discover this magnificent board made up of ten pieces of various sizes to be cut out. This composition is ideal to make pretty cuffs. Find on the set floral motifs, butterflies as well as little words like "Family" and "Love you".

    12,90 €
  • Branch x5

    Temporary tattoo with branch and leaves Tattoo delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Matching tattoos

    Assortment of several temporary tattoos to be shared by two or more people. Set designed by Alexia Dayen. Discover this magnificent sheet made of about twenty pieces of different sizes to cut out. These are designs that can be shared as a duo or for yourself. Find on the ornament carps, birds, sentences, floral patterns, hearts...

    12,90 €
  • Le Temps des fleurs

    Board of temporary tattoos with 4 large floral designs Discover this board of ephemeral tattoos on the floral theme; 4 large pieces, ideal for making cuffs.

    12,90 €
  • Of love and fresh water

    Assortment of several tattoos on a varied theme Set designed by Alexia Dayen Discover this magnificent board made up of about twenty pieces of different sizes to cut out. Find on the set hearts, writings, flowers, suns, moons...

    12,90 €
  • La vie est belle

    A 24x15cm set composed of 3 large designs on a floral theme by Livia Caruso Discover this pretty set composed of 3 temporary tattoos designs : A floral composition with small geometric details, a phrase "La vie est belle" with a flower at the end, and a sunflower. Ideal for dressing the spine or as a cuff.

    12,90 €
  • Mini Bollywood

    Discover our enchanting collection of small temporary tattoos inspired by India! Immerse yourself in a world rich in sacred symbols and iconic cultural elements that celebrate the beauty and diversity of this fascinating nation. Each tattoo design is meticulously crafted to reflect the very essence of India, drawing on its millennia-old traditions,...

    5,00 €
  • Magnolia forever

    A floral-themed board with several magnolia motifs. Designed by Audrey Veuillot Discover this board featuring a dozen motifs, including 3 large ones that can be used to dress the bust: either between the bust or underneath.

    12,90 €
  • Floral snake x5

    Ultra-realistic black ephemeral tattoo featuring a snake surrounded by floral motifs. Designed by artist Alexia Dayen. Delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Path of stars x5

    A slender, ultra-realistic black ephemeral tattoo featuring black dots and geometric shapes. Designed by artist Alexia Dayen. Delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Floral twilight x5

    Thin, ultra-realistic black ephemeral tattoo. The design features a half sun, triangles, dots and vegetal motifs, and was created by artist Alexia Dayen. Delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Western x5

    Black temporary tattoo with 3 designs: A cowboy hat, a santiag and a cactus. Designed by artist Audrey Suau. Delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Really cute x5

    Temporary tattoo of a cute cow in black and brown. Designed by artist Audrey Suau. Delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Sauvage

    A set of temporary tattoos on the theme of animals and flowers. Designed by Céline Merlet for Sioou. Discover this set made up of 6 designs : - 3 large ones :  A wolf's head, a lion's head and birds - 3 smaller ones: A seahorse and two floral designs.

    12,90 €
  • Dancing queen x5

    Disco-themed ephemeral tattoo featuring three colorful designs: a disco ball, a roller and flowers! You're ready to go dancing! Design by Audrey Suau Tattoo delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Black rose x5

    A trendy temporary tattoo: a black rose! Delivered in 5 copies.

    3,90 €
  • Mini Tendance

    Discover our new board of ultra-realistic black tattoos! Enjoy fifteen cutting-edge designs! You'll find butterflies, writing, floral motifs, hearts and much more! Design by artist Alexia Dayen

    5,00 €
  • Mini Eros

    On this board, you'll find fifteen mainly black motifs with a touch of gold and color on the theme of Greece! Designed by artist Audrey Suau.

    5,00 €