Want to know more about our latest creation Luna ? We contacted Marion aka Géométr'ink and asked her a few questions to explain her inspirations and the different pieces present on her tattoo set.

Luna manchette

Why LUNA and what is its style?

Simply because I am passionate about astronomy and the Moon, in particular, fascinates me enormously.

The style of the ornament? I would say simple and timeless. A geometric and floral style.

The colour black because it is something timeless, which can appeal to many people. And it is above all that I find that these two colours go rather well with a simple and geometrical universe.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are observing the stars at night for the soothing and creative side. I also love to draw in the rain, because it's a great atmosphere for a lot of imagination. I also like to observe nature for the floral side! :) 

Luna fleur

What did you want to represent on that set ?

In this set, I wanted to represent this soothing side I'm talking about and also Love with a capital A. Both faces express the simplicity of life (the one line), with the floral side. The roses intermingled with the spider webs express eternal Love. The geometrical shapes are here for the soothing side. For the flowered lightning, it expresses the strength that the language of flowers can have. Each flower has its story, and it can be very powerful.


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