For this selection, we were inspired by holidays, the sun, the sea and the beach.

The heat and the sun have finally come out in the last few days. We all dream of our summer holidays to finally be able to decompress from the year, to spend good times with friends or family.

Top 1 : Worldmap

tatouage éphémère carte du monde

A tattoo synonymous with travel, escape and discovery.

Top 2 : Good Vibes

tattoo éphémère good vibes

For us, holidays mean a good atmosphere above all :D

Top 3 : Palmtree

tatouage palmier

Exotic holidays mean walks surrounded by palm trees!

Top 4 : Shell

tattoo temporaire coquillage

As the Brigitte Bardot song says : "Sur la plage abandonnée, coquillages et crustacés"

Top 5 : Wave

tatouage Sioou Vague

The timeless temporary tattoo of the summer, fine and fresh, it will be perfect if you like discreet designs.

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