Are you short of ideas to occupy your children?

Sioou suggests you discover the different ways to use his ephemeral tattoos...

1st idea: Draw with Sioou: Your children may be tired of drawing, so why not stick?

With Sioou's ephemeral tattoos you can choose pretty designs to decorate your drawing sheet according to your desires, all you need is a little water and a little cotton and the tattoo will come to life!

Tip #2: Create a game of 7 families: Choose your families with Sioou tattoos:

Simply create your cards and bring several designs, they must have things in common for them to be part of the same family.

For example, you can create a flower family, we have many floral designs for this one, an animal family, a gold family etc...

Tip 3: Make a tic-tac-toe game:

For this you will need a sheet of paper to make the tic-tac-toe grid, pebbles and tattoos to decorate them.

For example, one player will take pebbles with floral designs and the other will take pebbles with animals.

Tip 4: Decorate a pencil cup:

Same principle as on the skin, take your favourite designs and place them on the spot of your choice, pat with a wet cotton pad and gently remove. Your tattoo has been transferred.

Tip 5: Design your own t-shirt!

Your child will probably love the idea of decorating their white t-shirt, but don't worry, tattoos will wash off if they are not varnished.

Simply take the desired designs and place them on the t-shirt, then wet them with cotton so that the design adheres to the fabric, wait a little while before removing them :)

Did you like our ideas? Share them with us :)

The Sioou team is looking forward to seeing your children's creations!