Do you know about Sioou's customization service and why we're famous?

Discover the 5 advantages of working with us:

1- A 100% customized service

At Sioou, we can realize all your projects of personalized tattoos, from 100 units, no matter the format you are looking for, the finish you want. We can even offer you a custom packaging if needed.

2 - A personalized accompaniment

You are accompanied throughout your project by a member of our team who can be reached by e-mail and by phone

3 - Sioou quality

Since the creation of our brand in 2013, Sioou has built a reputation with our high quality tattoos: fine lines, color gradients

4 - Cosmetic standards

Calling on Sioou means guaranteeing custom tattoos that meet French cosmetic standards. We accompany you until the administrative aspect with the deposit on the European portal of the cosmetics of your realized products.

5 - You don't know how to make your design? We take care of it

Our graphic department is also at your disposal to help you in the conception of your design.

For all requests for quotes, please contact us by phone at or by email at