So that they last even longer :D in spite of the extreme conditions with the heat and the baths.

1. Pay attention to the areas subject to perspiration

Some areas of the body like the neckline or the neck are more prone to excessive sweating which increases the acidity of the skin and therefore reduces the life of a tattoo. Prefer areas like the ankle, forearm, thighs...

2. Do not put moisturizer on the tattoo

In summer, the skin being often dry, we tend to want to moisturize it: no worries but just bypass your temporary tattoo not to apply fat on it.

3. Circle the tattoo when applying a sun oil

Suntan oil is a greasy material, any contact with an temporary tattoo could remove it but don't panic, UV rays don't pass through them.

4. Beware of rubbing your watch or jewelry which can damage the design.

5. Lovely Sioou, the ideal format for your holidays

A pouch of Lovely Sioou at 3,90€ TTC contains 5 identical tattoos, it allows you to renew your favorite pattern throughout your vacations. It is also practical because of its small size that will not take up space in your suitcases :)

Enjoy your summer and your holidays ☀

Nos tattoos éphémères à la piscine