Summer is fast approaching, bringing with it the desire to adorn ourselves with light and sunny patterns that evoke days spent under the sun and starry nights. Our new "Sous le soleil" collection is an invitation to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of warmth and softness, reminiscent of exotic vacations and moments of absolute relaxation.✨

You'll find summer motifs such as:

Palm Trees and Beaches: Gently swaying palm trees in the wind, a sunset on the horizon, framed in a heart, symbolizing love and peace.

Stars and Shells: Evoking starry summer nights and walks along the beaches, where you collect shimmering shells.

Butterflies and Exotic Flowers: Symbols of lightness and ephemeral beauty, perfect for adding a touch of poetry to your look.

Pineapples and Tropical Fruits: For a touch of exoticism and freshness, reminiscent of local markets and summer flavors.

Inspiring Inscriptions: "Live on love and sunshine" and "Sunshine," words that capture the very essence of summer and freedom. ☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨☀️✨

Look Ideas with "Sous le soleil"

To enhance this collection, here are some outfit and pose ideas:

Bohemian Chic Look: Pair a light kimono with denim shorts and a white top. Add accessories like rope bracelets and leather sandals. Tropical Glamour Look: A long, flowing dress with exotic flower patterns, palm tree-shaped earrings, and a flower crown in your hair. Casual Summer Look: A simple white t-shirt with colorful shorts, sunglasses, and a straw hat. Sporty Beach Look: A colorful swimsuit with a sarong tied at the waist, ankle bracelets, and a beach towel. Picture yourself playing beach volleyball, emerging from the water with splashes all around you!

Each piece in our "Sous le soleil" collection is designed to bring a touch of sunshine and happiness to your everyday life. Whether you're on vacation by the sea or just looking for some summer warmth in your wardrobe, this collection is made for you.