2021 is coming to an end soon... the context remains uncertain with the health crisis but we have decided to remain optimistic at Sioou and to only remember the good things that this year has brought.

January: We start the year with a shooting of all our new products in a beautiful place, the Villa Florentine hotel in Lyon

February: We open a pop-up store for Valentine's Day with many other designers from Lyon

March : We launch our corner at the Cigoire shop, rue de l'ancienne préfecture in Lyon 2 and our tattoo bar appears on French TV on M6 during the show Mariés au premier regard

April: Things start to get serious with the launch of the high season of temporary tattoos for Sioou thanks to the arrival of fine weather. Sioou was sold in more than 375 shops this year.

May: Opening of our pop-up store with the Village des Créateurs at the Hôtel Dieu

June: Sioou celebrates its 8th birthday and our motion tattoo is a sensation at the Blend Web Mix show

July: Our tattoo bars invade the shopping malls of France with numerous summer animations

August: We move our workshop to new offices in Marcilly d'Azergues, West Lyon

September: Launch of our new Zodiaque collection and arrival of our new team member in charge of business development, Benoît

October: This month was more than intense, with hundreds of professional orders for the end of year celebrations and dozens of very large custom tattoo projects. Sioou is also on the TV news on TF1 :D

November: We participate for the first time in the Printemps des Docks show with success

December: We welcome you for a month in our corner of the Village des Créateurs pop-up store at 3 Place Bellecour in Lyon 2

It was a year rich in emotions and magnificent projects! All this is thanks to you, your unfailing support, your thousands of orders that allow us to continue to grow each year, so just a big THANK YOU from the whole Sioou team.

We wish you a very happy holiday season, joy, hope, love, success and above all health in this complicated period.