On Wednesday 3rd March we organised a photo shoot at the Parc de la Tête d'Or in Lyon on the theme of children.

We posed several of our new products on two little girls and a little boy:

- The Mini Fairy, a small board on the fairy theme with colourful and golden patterns.

- The Mini Piracy, a small board on the theme of pirates with colourful patterns.

- The Mini Lucky Kids, a little board on the theme of luck with very colourful patterns for little ones.

- The Lovely Jurassic, a pack of 5 identical tattoos on the theme of dinosaurs.

- The Lovely Mermaid, a pack of 5 identical tattoos with motifs around the world of mermaids.

We invite you to discover some photos of the ephemeral tattoos worn on children:


The Mini Piracy and Jurassic for a little boy.

The Mini Girl's Best Friend and the Mermaid for a little girl.

Keep your children busy with the little ephemeral Sioou tattoos, don't wait any longer, go to our website sioou.com to discover our latest novelties!