Goodbye to the city, goodbye to traffic jams and make way for the countryside!

The Sioou team decided to change air and to trade the old offices for a new and more comfortable working space. We moved on August 15th, 2021.

We had been occupying premises in the 9th district of Lyon for 2 years: it was a small space with 3 workstations, rather sufficient at the beginning but the company keeps growing, the stock increases and the team decided to expand!

We fell in love with this new office located in Marcilly-d'Azergues: A bigger space, several desks, a very comfortable sofa, storage, lots of storage for our tattoos and enough room for our two mascots: Brooklyn the little Shiba and Sun the fish!

The Sioou team is ready to work in the best conditions, the joy and the good mood are there every day to give you the best!

Don't hesitate to come and say hello to us in our new offices :)