You loved the floral patterns and you asked for more!

After the success of our Persephone set designed by the artist Eleonore M, we present you the two new sets, the Flora set and the Blooming Day set!

But who is behind this one?

We interviewed the artist who took care of this project, we suggest you discover her below:

Hello Estelle, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Estelle, alias Gautier my artist name. I was born near Nantes and I have been drawing since I was a child. I always felt that drawing would be my way of expressing myself, as I was not at ease with speaking. After graduating with a Baccalaureate in Arts, I moved away from the artistic world to devote myself to my second passion, and also my second job, socio-cultural animation. I need to be in movement and to feel useful, that's why I have several strings to my bow. Even if art remains for me, a job of passion in which I can put colours on my emotions and forms to express my pains. Art answers my questions, my hypersensitivity and my doubts. It is the balance between my two jobs as a creator and animator.

Can you tell us about your style?

My artistic approach is above all a love hymn to nature, flowers, animals and women. I try to make my world poetic and sweet with a pinch of surrealism and heart-warming colours. This is my blue flower side.

Can you tell us about the making of these two new plates?

The creation of the two sets was done in my studio, with my eye on the window. I wanted the blooming day set to be filled with a fine line pattern for a simple floral and vegetal touch. Flora, on the other hand, is an ornament with more imposing motifs. I was looking for flowers with important meanings to me, like the sunflower that always looks towards the sun, it's an invitation to love and joy.

Do you have other projects for the future?

Thanks to Sioou, I discovered another talented artist Silowane. And that's how I proposed her to collaborate on my planting cards with her illustrations. The planting cards are the flagship products of my shop. They are made of recycled paper and flower seeds to avoid waste and to be able to offer an original gift for various occasions. The big plus is that each illustration is made by incredible artists.