Nine months, just for us


Pregnancy is a path as unique as it is wonderful, leading to the "one blind date where you are sure to meet the love of your life."

Cherishing this adventure with all your heart and in each of its facets can be dreaded in the face of time slipping away so quickly.

Sioou's "I love you already" set accompanies you every step of the way towards this exceptional encounter.

This sublime sheet of thirteen ephemeral tattoos, designed in collaboration with Alexandra of Mes petits bonheurs à la carte, lists the key moments of the genesis of this nascent love already unconditional.


My happiness, it's our moments

From the beginning of your pregnancy to the most beautiful day of your life, this set immortalizes the stages of your baby's development and that of your baby bump, for magnificent photos!

You can make a nice album with your feelings and anecdotes, or beautiful prints. In short, precious images full of emotions and memories immortalizing unforgettable moments.

It's an infallible and touching pregnancy gift to give to your sister, your friend or yourself!