For several months now, we have been wanting to create a Mini Sioou in the same spirit as our secret Mini Talisman, i.e. with small motifs perfect for embellishing the fingers but in a floral style, always ultra-realistic. In order to create this board in the best possible way, we entrusted the project to Coralie who hides behind Silowane, a real creation laboratory.

Coralie is a real passion for drawing as well as for clothes through which she loves to tell stories. She first learned drawing as an autodidact and then started a training as a stylist.

Coralie describes Silowane's universe as "minimalist, graphic, it is inspired by nature and our lives with always a touch of imagination".

The result of the meeting between Sioou and Silowane gave birth to our Mini Floral which we invite you to discover but also to test because you will see that the possibilities of composition with this one are very numerous.

tatouages Sioou Mini Floral par Silowane