The year-end festivities are just around the corner, and we've curated four unique animations to brighten your November and December. Let me introduce you to these enchanting experiences:

  1. Christmas Tattoo Bar: Transform into a living canvas with our renowned Sioou tattoo bar. A special selection of festive tattoos awaits both young and old, adding a playful touch to your festive spirit.

  2. Photophore Tattoomization: Dive into creative craftsmanship with our DIY workshop, allowing you to easily customize lanterns with our temporary tattoos. An entertaining activity for both adults and children.

  3. Christmas Bauble Tattoomization: Add a personalized touch to your Christmas tree with our DIY workshop for customizing baubles. The temporary tattoos will bring a festive flair to your decorations, whether they're intended for adults or the younger ones.

  4. "Dress to Impress" Animation: Get ready to shine with our special animation featuring festive makeup and tattoos. Perfect for those who want to sparkle during the year-end celebrations.

Whether you're seeking creative family moments or a unique way to prepare for the festivities, our animations are designed to brighten your holiday season. Join us in this enchanted adventure and create magical memories!