We interviewed the artist Livia Caruso who realized our new Totem Animals set, discover below her profile, her background and her work:

Hello Livia, can you introduce yourself?

I am Livia Caruso, aka Livia Capillotracte. I am 24 years old and I am an illustrator.

Can you tell us about your style ?

My style is very detailed and fine. I will mainly approach feminine, magical and even surrealist themes very inspired by esoteric references, my dreams...

Can you explain how the Totem Animals set was conceived?

I consider that we can have several totem animals insofar as we feel a particular connection with an animal, its energy can inspire us, guide us or simply comfort us. It is really in this idea that I created my models so that our animals accompany us at every moment.
However, I had so many possibilities that not all of them would fit in one board, so I chose the ones that inspired me at first. I also included some of my "signature" animals like fish or birds, different sizes and symbols so that everyone can find their happiness and make beautiful compositions!

Do you have other projects for the future?

I have a botanical oracle project, a fantasy novel illustration, Christmas cards in collaboration with another illustrator from Lyon, an online store project, and I won't mention them all because the list would be too long ^^ Anyway I would love to develop ephemeral tattooing and propose new things!