Yes, you read that right, this is not a late April Fool's joke, the new trend that comes from the United States is the ephemeral tattoo babys hairs.

You may already be familiar with this trend with real hair, but the ephemeral tattoo version has just come out and you'll want to adopt it!

No more hanging out in the bathroom trying to place your baby hair to look like Beyoncé.

With ephemeral baby hair tattoos your hair will be perfect all the way down to the tips...!

But what does it really mean?

These ephemeral tattoos represent very thin strands of hair, we call it baby hair. The aim is to create the illusion of real baby hair that blends into your forehead to complete your hair. They are designed and sized by hand to look completely realistic.

Baby hair

You have to admit that the effect is amazing, the ephemeral tattoo blends totally into the hair of this woman!

So will you fall for this trend?

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