You would like a personalised ephemeral tattoo but you don't have any information on how to proceed?

Sioou answers your most frequently asked questions:

1. From how many units do you start the personalisation?

We start the production of ephemeral tattoos from a minimum of 100 units.

2. I want several colours, does the price vary?

Whether your tattoo is in black or has several colours, the price will not be impacted because the printing is done in CMYK.

On the other hand, the definition as fluo, gold or silver will be more expensive.

3. In what format should I provide you with the file?

You will have to provide us with the file in JPEG or PDF format or in PNG if you want to print elements in white in order to distinguish them from the transparent background.

4. Can you help me design my design?

Sioou's teams are available to help you with your project, do not hesitate to call us on

5. What are the different formats you offer?

We offer all formats from 2.5x2.5 cm up to A4 format. We start at 76€ TTC for 100 units.

6. My design has a lot of details, is this a problem?

Not at all, your personalised tattoos will have exactly the same quality as those in our own collection! We are used to working with very fine designs with a lot of details (Watercolour).

7. Do you make white marking?

Yes, we regularly work with major brands to carry out their customised projects, whether for marketing or communication purposes.

8. Is it possible to personalise the back of the board?

Yes, you have the possibility to inscribe what you want.

9. What are your delivery times for personalisation?

Our delivery time is 15 working days, in some cases we can compress this to 10 days for an extra charge.

10. Do you have an example of personalised ephemeral tattoos?